radiant embodiment through burlesque as a spiritual practice

* Expand your sensuality through core Showgirl Awakening dance movements 
* Dissolve the barriers between you and your shiny, powerful self through reverance for both your body & your beliefs
* Learn your guiding Awakening Showgirl archetypes, and your shadow ones (The Diva, The Siren, The Vamp, The Ingenue...) 
* Discover the Peace, Power & Belonging of letting your Inner Showgirl guide your every moment


“Your balance of safe space is very effective.  I have participated in some events where a safe space allows one to remain right where they're stuck, right where they were when they came in.  Your safe space allows for courageous movement.  Really, really craftily balanced.

…the challenge from the class continues:  how can we bring Love into every moment for ourselves, how can we allow ourselves to see ourselves differently?”

~ Stephanie E.

Who is the mini-retreat for?

* Burlesque & Belly dancers who want to bring the radiance & presence they experience on stage into their day-to-day lives 

* Yoga practitioners who want to experience more playfulness & sensuality, in addition to the sacred, through their very bodies

* Mystics & spiritual women drawn to dance who want to explore their sensual self in a safe, holisitic & artisitic way 

What others are saying...

“I don’t know exactly how or when it happened, but before Showgirl Awakening I was gone.  I got lost.  I was not in my body.  And I have now dropped back into my body and into my life.....I’m back!....and I want more!”  ~ Annaliese Q.


“Kellita makes you feel like an experienced dancer, even if you aren't!  She knows bodies and how to break things down in order to express the pure, simple dance lines that are naturally in your body and it will feel GOOD.  Like coming home to your own personal sparkly palace.”  ~Lil Lionheart


“After Showgirl Awakening, I got really clear about what I wanted….and communicated it without fear…I am now calm, focused and centered.  I’m a happier person.”  ~Ximene S.


Exuberant Showgirl Shaman & Carnaval Queen Kellita has taught and performed her signature Hot Pink Feathers carnaval showgirl dance from San Francisco to New Orleans, Hollywood to Montreal, & Paris to Tokyo. She’s been featured in all Tease-O-Ramas since 2002 as a soloist and with her award-winning troupe Hot Pink Feathers & is a 5-time finalist at the Burlesque Hall of Fame.

Kellita is a certified practitioner of Sonya Sophia-style EFT, Marin-style NLP, Systemic Constellations, Person-Centered Astrology & InterPlay, all of which influence her work.  An expert on expressing your truth and beauty through your body, Kellita has devoted her life to helping women rewire their bodies and minds to run at a delicious hum through her innovative dance & life practice called Showgirl Awakening.

Showgirl Awakening unites body, mind & spirit through a combination of awareness, intention, surrender, love and showgirl dance movement.  The creator of this practice, Kellita first began her own Showgirl Awakening 18 years ago.  Over the last 15 she has been midwifing the Showgirl in any woman.

Through accessing their Presence & Radiance via Showgirl Awakening, women have won Carnaval awards, been invited to perform internationally, found dream homes, landed jobs, but most importantly dusted off the fountain of Self-Love that was hiding right in the center of their very own shimmy.

(Contact Kellita directly at  if you are called to this experience, but want to discern that it's for you!)